Thursday, 15 December 2011

Mysore Asystasia

                    FLOWERS TO INDIA
                     Mysore Asystasia

Common name: Mysore Asystasia
Botanical name: Asystasia mysurensis    Family: Acanthaceae (Ruellia family)
Synonyms: Ruellia mysurensis, Asystasia lawiana

Mysore Asystasia is a very rare erect herb, 1 m tall, with quadrangular, 3-forked, knotted stem. Leaves are large, elliptic-oblong, pointed, suddenly narrowing into a 1 inch long leaf stalk. Leaves are roughish above, hairy on the nerves beneath. Short flower spikes are borne at the top, singly. Flowers are stalkless, white, shorter than bracts. Flowers are 2-lipped, upper lip 4-lobed, and the lower one unlobed. Bracts and bracteoles are lanceshaped, leaf-like, 3-nerved, hairy. 

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