Thursday, 15 December 2011

Indian Asystasia

                    FLOWERS TO INDIA
                   Indian Asystasia

Common name: Indian Asystasia
Botanical name: Asystasia indica    Family: Acanthaceae (Ruellia family)

Indian Asystasia is an erect, diffuse glandular hairy herb or underhrub, growing to 50-120 cm tall. This is a new species described very recently (2006). Branched stems are quadrangular. Oppositely arranged leaves are stalked, ovate, with a tapering tip, sparsely velvety on both sides, sometimes with dark purple tinge. Flowers are borne in a 2-14 flowered, 1-sided raceme. Flowers are 1-1.5 cm across, white with strongly purple- violet spotted lip. Flowers are distinctly smaller than the flowers of the close relative Ganges Primrose where flowers are up to 3 cm across. Sepals are 5, linear-lanceshaped, 4-5 X 1 mm. Flowers are funnel-shaped, with 5 petals which are joined till 3/4th of the length to form a tube. Indian Asystasia is distributed in West Bengal. Flowering: November-December. 

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